Mora Junior Etienne

Mora Junior Etienne Biography

Born in Anse-a-Veau on February 27 1971 in the nipple of Haiti, Mora was launched very young in the theater, in his school Catherine Flon in 1988, at the age of 15 years old. From theater school, , first to cines Coliseum and Cristal then at the Theater National. On his way, he met one of the great names of the Haitian theater: Daniel Marcelin which gave courses at Club Lavi Miyo. This meeting enabled him to improve his performance and especially it had made him grow up in the desire crazy of cinema. Drive by this great dream, he dropped the theater for cinema. Amour Fou de Herod Brégard, was the last piece he has played in 1994 and which marked a particular way his public. As actor of cinema, he won a leading role in Affair Interne, a film of Guy Elie. In this role, he embodied a nasty character he has interpreted with brio, which enabled him to conquer new fans in this world difficult that is the film industry. Unfortunately, for the producer, the film has experienced setbacks trade. However, for Mora, this was a good experience which has pushed him to see the need to work on his own projects. Aware of the limits of a young director, he praised the services of the technician Willy Exumé. Thanks to this collaboration, it has been able to make his first film Au Coeur Du Danger (1998) who has been some success. Encouraged by the public reaction, He achieves a second film: Le Choix De Ma Vie, yet another success which dealt Mora to pass the hat of director confirmed by working on a third major project: Profonds Regret, which he is the main actor In side of the actress international Fabienne Colas, Ticket of gold best actress 2003. For this new film, he has spared no efforts. Thanks to technical support and financial his House of Production Kingdom Toward Cinema Inc... Mr. Etienne account offer the public a head of work which he is proud while inviting everyone to find the moral lesson very useful hidden in this film. In 2007 Mora Produced Choc Terrible Which was one of his Best Works Starring the Talented Haitan-Canadian Actress Tetchena Bellange Who Co-star with Denis Quaid in the Motion Picture "The Day After Tomorrow" Also starring Tiffany Richardson One Of American Next Top Model Finalist. On that date, Choc Terrible is the last-born of the producer, but he expects shortly to work on other projects Including his soon to be release Le Prix A Payer each more interesting than the other. The Talented Producer Is now Futhering His Education for The Love of The cinema in "PBCC " Where he is getting his Bachelor Degree In Cinema And Television Production.
We are sure that the name of Mora Junior Etienne Is here to stay as he makes his way and leave his mark in the world of cinema For Years to come.

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