Banm pran ti mal frendeng sa a, Who is Pras Michel who talk...

Patrick Princivil - January 26 2015, 1:23 PM

Banm pran ti mal frendeng sa a,

Who is Pras Michel who talk like that against?

I don't him but if he was a good person he would talk like, because CIA and FBI don't catch him yet that's why he tried to show us he is a good person; now corps have a new radar can detect criminal through the wall, that mean no privacy for human being anymore, not because Pra Michel don't get catch yet he think he is better than somebody else, he has to be careful about what he say to people, CIA and FBI and police don't catch him yet but God in heaven already have all his record; Satan and the bad angels already have his record, maybe God in heaven forgive President Martelly for many years save his soul, about Pras Michel?

For what he has done against our President may God reveal his sin in public on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google and all the medias if he doesn't repent.

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