For you Wilner Pierre

Kwelkwekwe - November 13 2013, 9:36 PM

Dear Wilner Pierre,

I beleive firmly that you are wrong.

It is what we know by the media.

I dont that is no problem in haiti, it is fact, like every country has, but reduce the country with only that, by saying that is rare to see haiti makes good things, is a crime.

So if it were true haiti would have alreay vanished in face of the world.

The population of this country is full of energies, full of positive thoughts.

With out those values we would not be able to face the aggressivity of global madness politics.

So they just to dont talk about it cause they dont care about it as you do

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Every time one Haitian does sometime great we must be...

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my comment basically was referred to all the leaders...

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