My comment basically was referred to all the leaders who came...

Wilner Pierre - November 16 2013, 10:10 AM

my comment basically was referred to all the leaders who came after Emperor Dessalines.

if you know the history of Haiti very well, we can only celebrate the legacy of Dessalines who led the country to Independence in 1804. TO your knowledge, tell me a name of any particular leader who succeeded Dessalines who did something extraordinary for the country that you and I can celebrate at this time wether political, economic, educational.

so you see Haiti is the first independence state and the second world independence country we are still at primitive state.

where is the common sense.

Brethren is not because I don't care about the country as you pointed out. it is just moral sense.

I think I care more about Haiti than you do, because everywhere I go my Haitian identity, but I don't carry any stupidity nor nonsense.

you need to think positive and see the facts.

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Dear Wilner Pierre, I beleive firmly that you are...

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