Correlation between all of you people who believe he was...

Jbone - November 24 2010, 2:49 PM

Correlation between all of you people who believe he was possessed...Terrible grammar and spelling.

Get an education before posting a bunch of nonsensical analysis.

Especially Harold Fleurine who can't even remotely form a sentence let alone spell "attack" correctly.

As well as J-Wag who apparently doesn't realize you can't "remorse for a family" along with their inability to spell or formulate a coherent sentence.

The facts are that it was a terrible tragedy most likely induced by a psychedelic drug. What a surprise that someone would use religion as their excuse for committing atrocities (sarcasm).

It is unfortunate because this only adds to the bad rap that religion gets as people continue to exploit it for personal gain, justification for crime, etc. I myself am not religious but do have a high respect for religion and understand its importance to many people.

However, as religions refuse to adapt to a changing world, the people who believe increasingly fall behind in all areas of enlightenment other than spiritual.

So keep praying people, but don't expect prayer alone to change these problems.

Without putting in effort to improve the world your prayers, while helpful to the individual as well as the karma of the masses, will never come true.

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