One Movie Theater in Haiti 9 million people?

Haitian Movie Fan - July 24 2006, 6:17 PM

How many movie theaters are there in Haiti?

With a blossoming movie industry in the Haitian community it surprises me that the rich in Haitian only content themselves to selling diri, pwa, ak farine to the haitian people and make absolutely no effort to entertain these people once they are full.

From the time I was born I hear of Cine Capitol, and Imperiaal Movie Theater in Delmas 19.

There used to be Cine Paramount, it's gone.

There used to ba Airport Cine by the Haiti International Airport, it's gone.

Kom si nou vle di-m pa gen pies ayisyen ki gen lajan ki we nesesite pou plis sinema an ayiti?

Pa gen pyes nan nou ki ve ki kantite profi nou ka fe?

With 10 departments and 9 million people I am truly amazed that no one wants to invest in talent in haiti.

What are you guys waiting for?

There should be at least one movie theater in every major city in Haiti.

This topic is open for discussion, I really want to hear your opinion about it.

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Angelica says...

well, i went to haiti on feb. 23, 2004 and i stayed at "Kinam Hotel" in Petion Ville... more »