who's going to pay for the theaters?????

Angelica - July 24 2006, 7:46 PM

well, i went to haiti on feb. 23, 2004 and i stayed at "Kinam Hotel" in Petion Ville Haiti, for 2 weeks; then I went to "Jacmel" and stayed at the "Hotel de la Place" for two weeks.

I was back in forth between Port au Prince, and Jacmel.

yes, Haiti is a fun Country to visit.

I visited many beautiful places in Haiti like "Fort Jacques" old places like Chan de Mars with neg maron.

I went to Kaliko Beach(not sure about the spelling).

The people there treated me like I was "Princess Diana" I had the best treatment in Haiti.

as far as "Jacmel" forget it. I was "Queen Elizabeth.

Breakfast was served every morning; banane with eggs and grape fruit juice.

lunch every afternoon du riz poisson gro sel sauce poie et salade, and delicious "AKASAN" was served in the evening.

oh, i was in paradise I saw "God" I felt like for once in my life i was living "Free" I was in "paradise" i loved the sound of the rooster waking up every morning...

i loved the smell of coffee the lady was making next door. i loved watching those "Machands" selling delicious fruits on the street corners.

i just loved it (let me stop!! it makes me want to go back to Haiti right now!!) i noticed one thing there's not enough movie theater in haiti.

My boyfriend wanted to take me to one movie theater in "Delmas" I don't remember the name. I don't know if it's "Capitol or Imperial" or what...

anyways, we went there, and the fee to see an old movie was $15.00 per person wow!!.

imagine for two people, that's 30.00 dollars.

I was shocked.

I went back to the hotel, and was watching cable all day long. I was watching "Jerry Springer show" "Oprah" I was having fun watching cartoon network, boy!! I prefered staying in the hotel watching free cable than go out there paying 30.00 for an old movie.

Now, is the price supposed to be that high?

You said we need more theaters in Haiti, are they going to charge an outrageous price to see a film?

who's is going to built those theaters?

how much it is going to cost to built a theater?

that including parking, electricity 24 hours 7 days a week, popcorn in theater, all those fun stuff...

you know Haiti doesn't have electricity 24 hrs!! i am wondering when are we going to have electricity at least for more than one hour...

yes, we do need more theaters in Haiti...


One Movie Theater in Haiti 9 million people?

How many movie theaters are there in Haiti? With a blossoming movie industry in the Haitian community it surprises me...

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