Yo Administrator! Hear me out! WE can never sell a DVD cheaper...

Jacques Roc - May 28 2009, 9:25 PM

Yo Administrator!
Hear me out! WE can never sell a DVD cheaper than a bootleg, as I explained to you yesterday.

If we have to spend lots of money to produce and they don't how can we sell cheaper than the bootleg?

What we have to do is to find ways to stop the bootleging, and we will, I promise you that, otherwise, we will stop producing so they can copy their mother smiling to the camera and sell it to the grand public.

Let's see how many people will buy into that. I have said it before to you...when you have to produce a well shot film or even smothing done on HD you still have cost that you must recoup otherwise you can't continue to shoot movies.

We will stop the bootleg soon!

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I'm not against your arguments Jacques. Only what I'm...

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Hello Jacques. Distribution is not just selling DVDs.

Hello everyone. My name is Jean Senelier. I am an...

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