Get these stupid missionaries out of HAITI

Negbelair - March 21 2009, 7:07 PM

I think part of HAITI's proplems are those missionaries who are in HAITI pretending to bring God to the people, when in fact they are there to make money off of poor children.

Think obout it if you wanted someone to send money to a country to help the people there, would you show how nice the country look?

or would you promote the misary in that country?

The worst they show HAITI on TV the more money people will send, do you really think all that money is really going to the poor children of HAITI?

or those missionaries pockets?

Yeah every now and than they might help a few people, build a couple of churches, some crapy looking schools with latrines because that's what they think we are used to, but their real agenda is for them to make money off of HAITI's unfortunate children.

Please my people think about it the longer these people stay there, the more they're going to keep showing the ugly parts of of HAITI and the worst it's going to be for us. Hence, they'll keep getting rich. so all you so call missionaries, what's really your mission in HAITI, please get the
F$ at #CK out of HAITI if you are not there to really help the people, thank you, may my God Jahovah bless you.

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