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Frenel Coriolan - July 10 2008, 12:29 PM

Ain't no way they will do a part 3, but as I said, what's wrong with the part2.

they shouldn't do it but they di therefire we should welcome it and move on. Now what Iwant you to do people more than 200.000 haitian leaving in the US why we don't find a way to motivate them to buy our product then we will have more people to talk about the haitian industry then the producers will be able to make money and give you some good job.
by the way, the haitian producers, I'm talking to you now, when do you want to start making some movie we will have 10% to 15% mistake only, not 75% of mistake iin one movie.

between May and June I watched 5 new haitian movie, it sad really sad to say, the very frist 5 minutes of the movie pakanpe sou anyen, mesye souple achete liv, gade bon fim etranje se pa pou nou kopye sou yo men pou nou korije tenten nap fe yo, please keep on working but try to make our customers happy happy nd happy thank you


How good was remo 2 to have a part 3?

I just saw remo 2 and i notice there will be part 3.. I don't think there is need for part 3..

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