Yes PERDUS was shot on video

Faerey Alexis - June 7 2008, 11:33 AM

I must say that you're right Mr/Ms Batina.

Like all Haitian movies, Perdus was shot on video.

I don't know this individual who made this arguement on "film vs video", neither did I tell him to do so to seek publicity for PERDUS.

Depth of Field, or "selective focus" if your will, is an optical effect that results from wide aperture lens, regarless of the media used: 35mm, HD, or SD. You did mention that this movie is full of mistakes.

I don't recall I ever told anybody that this movie was perfect.

The good news about making mistakes is that we can learn from them, and try not to repeat the same ones again in another project.

I thank you for this constructive criticism.

Without it our Haitian movie industry will stay at the mediocre level and never progress.

To me, the arguement of "film vs video" is irrelevant.

People will like a movie mainly because they like the story, even if it was shot on VHS, HI8,etc. In this area the Africans beat us almost to a 90:10 ratio.

Unfortunately Not everyboby will like the story in the movie PERDUS, someone already blasted me as the worst Haitian moviemaker who presents Haitians in a very negative light.

Anyway, all I can say is that I will do everything in my abilities to do a job much better next time, and I thank anyone who spends sometimes reading this, and I also encourage them to continue to support the Haitian movie industry.

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