so proud to be haitian after see this video

Gerline - March 16 2008, 3:27 PM

If you guys thought the semi-final was good wait till you see the finale.

I am so proud to be haitian after I saw this video.

I saw a post on this site and checked it out it was the show called island star and I thought wow this is good progress so i bookmarked the site and yesterday I went back to see the grand finale and let me tell you this is the side of haitian people we need to show the american media.

All of you on this site and others owe it to yourselves to support this kind of progress in our community I know we criticize each other a lot and we applaud a lot of mediocre stuff, but this one is something to be proud of. I will just leave it as that here is the website

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How many of the Island star video clips are on...


I just saw this video on youtube check it out

I was going thru youtube and I saw this video it's about a competition like american idol and it's done by our people...

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Gerline I think you are absolutely right. This is...

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