Why would you go by what other people would say about the...

Robert - October 16 2007, 7:35 PM

Why would you go by what other people would say about the movie before you go spend a lousy $10 or less on it?

I gather that a lot of actors and actresses who appeared in some type of movies if things doesn't work out with them in the producers, they will come on belfim and try to trash the film that they played on or the producer.

If you don't check it out for yourself, how would you know for yourself so you could come back on belfim and state your little comments.

What one person might think about the movie, might be totally different than what you'd think.

So what if a lot of poeple are trashing the movie out, obviously it must be worth seeing if your asking about it lol

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i havent seen Green Card yet,but was it that bad? i'm...

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