to Loretta my beloved film critic

Carlo Saint-elot - September 22 2007, 6:27 PM

Dear Loretta.

Thank you for an abundance of attention which you showred me with. I totally agree with you, we will speak in either english or creole.

The reason why I did not anwer your question until now is because i thought of it as being too absurd to even consider, but you have the right to question and respect that. I am very busy working with my team on the final touches for the film but I will make an exception for you. You (or anyone else) are free to call my direct line at 514-820-6241 and I will pesonally take time out of my busy schedule to answer any questions you may have.
Once again thank you for your encouragemnt and looking foward to speaking with you again.

God Bless

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je trouve que tu es tres frequent de me repond en...

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I see that you are looking for attention i'm not...

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