Thanks 4 da encouragement Lauretta.

Carlo Saint-elot - September 22 2007, 2:30 PM

Dear lauretta
thank you for your feedback as it is the only way for me to now what my community wants.

God truelly has blessed me to be able to be doing what i a doing and every once in a while we all have to make mistakes as to do things better the next time round.

i was truelly lucky to have witten a solid screenplay, to gather a great technical team:

an internationaly renouned director of photography, a gifted special effects team, talented actors which i am fortunate enough to be able to explose to the haitian acting arena.

to answer your question - "why don't i get a big star to play in my film" is very simple, i enjoy discovering new talent who are just ordiary talented people like you and me to be able to play for our community, not to hire a big star in order to make wads of cash, that is not what it means to me.
one thing i would like to ask you (and all of the viewers out there) is to watch "the 2 weapons of life" with an open mind, suspend all judment and enjoy the film as a whole, as a community in our community.

God bless

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Stop acheter figi sorry actor prducer yo bay pou...

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