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Carline - September 22 2007, 11:28 AM

I am not saying that the movie is good or whatever, I have not watched it yet, but I said that the references are. Bali sak pou li-a (9+1+1=11) 92 passengers (9+2=11) area code, the names etc...

I like the thinking.

I didn't like "Map di" either, after 10 minutes watching it I've asked my aunt to take out of the appareil.

Let's hope this one is good, just give it a try, don't put the guy down like that. Some people do have the skills and can't act, and vice versa.

Please help him built what's missing instead by encouraging him to work on his skills and talents, not by calling his work "fatra".

Thanks for listening, and thanks for your understanding.


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