Dyab Baba Movie Clip, Gracie and Papa Pye

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Titles: Dyab Baba

Watch the Dyab Baba Movie Clip, Gracie, Papa Pye, Cedelaine Mauricette,Dyab Baba Gracieu Papa Pye Watch Gracieu Papa Py in action in the new movie by Raynald Delerme DYAB BABA Grand Premiere in Miami Sunday October 18 7PM Go toFrom rdelerme Views 122 0 ratings Time 01 12 More in Film Animation

Tags: papa pie, Jean Claude Joseph, Jacques Edmond, Gracie, Cedelaine Mauricette, Haitian movie Clips

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Raynald Delerme says...

Watch DYAB BABA right now in DVD quality on your computer.

The Haitian American Association of Filmmakers is proud to announce the launching of DVD Quality viewing of Haitian films right on your PC.

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Subject: Dyab Baba Movie Clip, Gracie and Papa Pye edit

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