Should be Censored or Unsencored?

Debat Du Jour..... Do you think should be Censored or Unsencored?

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We have just received a message from a Belfim visitor who is upset because Belfim is censored.

He says: "If the movie/trailer is not censored then why should peoples comments be?"

Read the full transrcipt of the message and our reply and let us know your opinion about whether or not Belfim should be censored. I know many of you have seen the "YOU CANT POST THIS" message.

Here is the transcript:

Message Date: 2009-05-07
From: Name withheld
Subject: Censoring

Message Transcript:

Visitor Comment...
Thu May 07 16:26:00 2009

I find it a bit strange and bias that as I'm attempting to help promote a film that is full of violence, profanity, and sexual content, I am censored and thus not allowed to submit my comment because I quote a direct line from it I actually thought was funny; the film I speak of is "Birth of an Assassin."

I find this to be very childish and hypocritical; if the movie/trailer is not censored then why should peoples comments be?

If you are going to censor peoples comments then you should also censor the material that they are viewing/responding to. Take a lesson from YouTube, they don't censor peoples comments because it would be both ridiculous and impartially foolish; adults are adults and children are children.

If you still chose to continue this practice, wouldn't censoring words rather then comments be a better idea?

Belfim Reply...
Wed May 13 10:03:25 2009
How are you?

I understand what you mean and believe me, we would be making a lot more money if Belfim was not censored.

But there is a reason for it.

Because Belfim does not require anyone to login to comment, we do our best to prevent Haters from using our website as a weapon of mass destruction.

Belfim quickly becomes a MARCHE COIX DES BOSSALES when it is unsensored.

Perhaps in the future we will implement a login system just like Youtube but for the time being it has to remain as is.


To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Should Belfim remain censored? or should I let the dogs loose?

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