Le Peche et Le Pardon Playing in Paris France in April

Carline Verrier's movie, Le Peche Et Le Pardon, is playing in Paris in April. This what the filmmaker announced on her Facebook page last night.

Le Peche et Le Pardon Movie Poster
Le Peche et Le Pardon Movie Poster

The young Haitian filmmaker also mentioned that the movie will be subtitled in French before the Paris premiere. we don't know the exact date that the movie will be playing but we will find out for you.

Have you seen the movie trailer?

See Le Peche et Le Pardon Photos here.

What is the movie about?

]]Starring [[act1350 Hubermann Saintil, Florence P. Simeon, Gazzman Pierre AKA Gazzman Couleur, Christophe Simeon, and Martine Joseph, Le Peche Et Le Pardon is a new movie about Robert and Rosemarie, a Christian couple in Haiti, who are living a tragic moment of their lives with a very sick son, Theo, who is badly in need of a surgery in the United States of America.

To get the visa to travel, Rosemarie must get a divorce in Haiti, so that she can marry another man in Miami for residency.

Upon arrival, her husband's cousin, Josette, sets her up with Fred for a business marriage.

Unknown to Rosemarie, Fred is a drug dealer. His mix-up with Johnny, the gang's boss, will turn Robert's and Rosemarie's journey for a better life for their son into a nightmare.

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