Haiti Movie News

Here is a list of Haiti Cinama and movie video news from various Haitian television stations. also listed are news about Haitians in Hollywood.

2012 Haitian Movie Awards - New York City

The 4th Annual Haitian Movie Awards in New York City is scheduled for Sunday, Sunday April 22, 2012 more »

Raoul Peck's Moloch Tropical Premieres in Boston

Moloch Tropical Movie Photo Raoul Peck's 2009 film Moloch Tropical will get its Boston premiere this week when Peck is spotlighted in a two-day event titled "Visionary Filmmaker: Raoul Peck'' at the Paramount Center. more »

Billions For Restoration, A new Raoul Peck Documentary

Gessica Geneus and Raoul Peck at Cannes Film Festival Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck is currently shooting a new documentary in Haiti with the working title "Billions for Restoration" more »

152 Behind The Scenes Movie Photos, Bope Pa Papa, Look...

Bope pa Papa Movie, Behind The Scenes Take a look at all the pictures we took behind the scenes of Dezirab's new movie Bope Pa Papa... more »

Consequences Of Betrayal Movie Premiere Photo... Look...

Consequences Of Betrayal Movie Premiere Belfim.com was at the grand premiere of the movie Consequences Of Betrayal... We took some photos to share with you. Take a look... more »

Actor Stanley Matheus Arrested in Haiti

Stanley Matheus Haitian actor Stanley Matheus was arrested over the weekend in Haiti, the reason may surprise you... more »

The Heavenly Side of Hell Movie Poster Released, Look...

The Heavenly Side of Hell Movie Poster Shooting begins for Joan Demostehene new movie "The Heavenly Side Of Hell" and a poster had been released. more »

RESULTA, New Haitian Movie Just Released on DVD August 6 2010

Resulta Movie Poster If you are looking for a new Haitian movie to watch this weekend then I have good news. Haitian movie RESULTA has just been released on DVD. more »

"V" is coming back to Television - ABC Tuesday

Do you remember "V" the series? guess what... "V" is coming back to television. more »

Birth of an Assasin Movie Premiere, Two Weeks Away

Birth Of An Assasin Photo Shoot We are only 2 weeks away from the Grand premiere of the movie Birth of an Assassin, new film by Haitian filmmaker Joan Demosthene (Tutu). more »