Can Gazmann Couleur Act?

There is a new movie coming out soon called Le Peche et le Pardon and Haitian Singer Gazzman Couleur is in it.

Gazzman Couleur

Gazmann Pierre AKA Gazzman Couleur is the lead singer of the Haitian band Nu Look

I was talking about the movie to a friend the other day and he asks me:

Gazzman Couleur... Can Gazzman Couleur act?

This is something you will have to find out at the Grand Premiere, August 15 2009 if you live in South Florida; this is the date that the movie Le Peche Et Le Pardon will be playing at California Theaters / Cinema 6 in North Miami

Have you seen the trailer?

I have been a fan of Gazzman Couleur since living in Spring Valley NY and a friend of mine brought me a live tape of the group D-Zine.

You remember D-Zine don't you?

Konnye-a se Nu Look...

I think you will agree with me that Gazman couleur is a great singer

But this is Belfim... here we talk about cinema and here we raise a different type of question:

Can Gazzman Couleur act?

Mwen konnen nou... tale nou pral di Woody di Gazmann Pa Ka Act... pou-m klarifie-l se yon keksyon, e pa yon komnante

Can Gazman couleur act?

Gazmann se yon neg ki gan anpil talan, eske acting se yonn ladan yo?

Find out on Saturday August 15 if you live in Miami

If you live in Haiti, Cap Haitien to be exact, you ill have a change to see Gazman Couleur on the big screen on from the 2nd to the 5th of July because Le Peche et le Pardon will have its Haiti premiere in Cap Haitien.

In a future article I will tell you what the movie is about but for the time being, I just felt like creating controversy on Befim.

M-ka jere ti sa-a... LOL...

I wanted to let all the D-zine and Nu look fans out there know that your favorite superstar Gazzman Couleur is in a new Haitian movie and...

You will have the opportunity to discover another side of Gazzman that you didn't know even existed.

Couleur Nan Bellywood!

Rete Branche, more info coming soon about the movie "Le Peche et le Pardon" but in the mean time...

Go and watch the Le Peche et le Pardon Movie Trailer now

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Mickerlange Brunal ay gazman me encanta tu voz,me gusta tu musica. mwen ta renmen chante yon jou avew ou dako
Reply · June 08 at 5:38 PM
Sergine il a du talent c pourquoi je l'aime.....c un tres bon chanteur,avec un voix charmeur il... see more
Reply · July 15 at 3:27 PM
Gardy Leo B, my name is Gardy and you're probably know me as champana because we're from the... see more
Reply · July 01 at 5:34 PM
Leo, you did a good job at DP and I like your comment about good directing. I agree with... see more
Reply · June 23 at 9:36 PM
Leo B Hi My name is Leo B, I'm the DP of the movie Le Peche et le Pardon and my response the... see more
Reply · June 23 at 5:39 PM
Sweet Liz hello sexy i love you music n i love the way you act so can i bee your friend
Reply · June 23 at 5:28 PM
Claircilia Siffrant who cannot act in this world?my answer would be "Everyone" because the earth is the... see more
Reply · June 22 at 10:23 PM
Monique Dessources Yes he can so much. I realy love him, he is one of my favorit haitian singers, after... see more
Reply · June 22 at 9:48 PM
Coby Fritzner J'aime Gazmann Couleur et l'un de mes chanteurs preffere,et je pense qu'il ferait un... see more
Reply · June 22 at 8:16 PM
Jude one of the best haitian's singer.
Reply · June 22 at 7:41 PM

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