Disturbed - Plot Summary

A group of young adults all have traumatic pasts that manifest themselves in the deadliest ways. Maggie, a demure young lady falls for a charming, successful accountant, Frank.

Frank has an obsessively jealous ex-lover Chantale who stalks, threatens and schemes against Maggie and her entourage. When members of Maggie's entourage begin to die, Chantale quickly finds herself implicated in a murder mystery.

In the mean time, a seven-year-old girl Junie lives under the abusive tyranny of her mother. Junie must rely on her resourcefulness to survive her mother's brutality.

She develops a violent rage that she disguises with her cute, un-threatening appearance. What becomes of Junie is revealed in a shocking twist.

Disturbed is the psychological thriller that explores the adult manifestations of childhood trauma

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