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Se Lavi

Se Lavi - Plot Summary

"Falling in love is like getting a perm... You're bound for a little maintenance"

Set against the backdrop of Palm Beach County, Se Lavi will offer a sneak peak in the Haitian Culture. Se Lavi deals with spirituality, love, family and relationships in the Haitian community; while promising to be heartwarming, sexy and dramatic.

Starring Nadine Boucard, Julianne Joseph, Nicka Etienne, Ivins vil Rudy Pavon(a latin soap star) and Roberto Douge directed by Ed Shakespierre.

Se Lavi is a production of Union Productions in association with and Se Lavi magazine.

This project is oriented to appease the Hollywood and film festival markets emerging throughout many Haitian communities in the United States.

Although The movie is only in the post production phase, it is believed although unconfirmed, that Se Lavi may also be made into a tv series.

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