Haitian Filmmakers - Try selling your movies online, one time buying and you can not reproduce or copy it

Marie - December 11 2013, 12:39 PM

Well, we should try online.

Even movie theaters are going to do this now.

One time buying and you can not reproduce or copy it.

Lets say;

- New movies, we can buy/rent it for 3 or 4hr that day or 24hr for $15CND $13US

- 1 month old movie, $10

- 2 months old movie $7
- 3 months & older $5
- 6 months & older buy it for $3

I suggest to you go online check and see what are the trends and do the same for Haitian movies

Check out theses websites, they have brand new American movie/ tv shows / and old.

- Letmewatchthis.com for free but bad view

- TvLinks

And many more, just Google free movie.

If I want to subscribe they ask you to register to get a nice screen view....

I think it is a great way to get movies without getting out of the house.

Yes! I wish to support my fellow Haitian filmmakers at a affordable price.

Don't be afraid to try that option...

I'm not sure but I think "belfilm.com" doing It already.


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