don't compare se lavi to any of these movies

Fanfan - August 3 2006, 9:51 PM

Chrisopher, the only reason why I only mention laura and not the other movies you mentioned is because I haven't seen the other ones and I don't like talking about things that I don't know and if you think laura is not a bad movie my friend you don't know movie at all. you said "I was suprized when I see Carlo St Eloi Stated that Selavi is a good movie.

Sorry I shouldn;t suprize because Carlo never done anything better" I think that means the movie is bad and now you're saying something different.

you can have several conflicts in a movie.

there is conclusion in the movie not everything but some. as a person who knows movie I can tell they are going to have a number 2 maybe that why it ends the way it does. contructive criticism is a good thing, but as a people we do it with emotions not facts.

I bet you the reason why laura is on your list is because you know someone in the movie.

I don't know anyone in se lavi, but when my people finnaly do something good I don't want anyone to take it away from them. you might not like the movie, but that doesn't make it a bad movie.

like you said, perfect image, good sound, good acting, good directing and a couple of open doors do not equal a bad movie.

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hey You my people you have a problem when it comes to...


Let make good Critic.

By fooling yourself people about Se Lavi, your are distroying to viewers capacity. First of all Selavi is not a movie...

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