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Cher says...

Regarde toi sur cette foto,ou pa ta di son hollywood star,antouka,ou pi star ke J-LO! Se... more »

Ginal Felix says...

Hey Jessie; you are so beautiful I am Ginal Felix, in miami, fl, the owner of I am one... more »

Dadou says...

Jessica as a femile like you,i really like your acting. i'm goig very soon to act in a... more »

Dimitri Noel says...

Hi Jess my name is Dimitri Noel I am a brand new actor who love to work with you in a... more »

Mark Dowie says...

Hello, I have a script with a perfect starring role for Jessica Geneus. Does she have an... more »

Marc-diane Nazaire says...

Begom ak dema more »