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Lovely - November 28 2008, 2:07 AM

This is what I'm talking about! Haitians not supporting each other, always being negative!YES WE DO HAVE SOME GREAT HAITIAN ACTORS OUT THERE!(Reginald Lubin, Smoye Noisy, Michelle Jeudy, Jessica Geneus, Jimmy Jean Louis, Fabienne Colas etc...The list goes on and on....) so stating that he's the best than all Haitian Actors is an understatement he's good we all are aware of that but that doesn't mean you should say he's better than all Haitian Actors! I love listening to my language which is Creole, langue manmanm ak papam so I will always support my people by buying those Haitian movies! We do have some great Haitian movies out there! come on!

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i love van vicker you are the best than all haitians...

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Van Vicker

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does haitians have an industry? answer me my friend...

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