yes we can and we did obama!

Mikerlenda - November 5 2008, 4:23 PM

For the first time of my life, I was the happiest BLACK person in the planet a long with the other billions out there.

For the first time In my I feel like 50 years from now I can tell my children's, my grand babies that mommy or grandma was a part of history.

That I was there and was a part of history, that I help make this world dream come true. I was in such disbelief along with the entire world when I heard that Borack Obama is America next president, first black president.

From that moment, I was never as proud as a black person as I was in that moment.

Tears was running down my face, I was crying and thanking God for this symbol to know now and ensure within me that I can do whatever I put my mind into. To know that I am as equal as the man or woman standing beside.

We as black people must stand, rise, and say YES WE CAN! NO MORE Excuses.

Those that didn't believe, now you do go to school, go to work, get off the street, stop being lazy, and go out there and do something positive .Make the world proud and appreciative of your color, better yet make them forget their such thing as color.

I believe history was made and I am ready for one more when a woman become in power, I am ready to say I AM BLACK AND I AM PROUD!
Black Power ! it has began.

Wouuuuuuuuuu OBAMA, thank you for sharing and letting us see the light.

P.S. Education is the Key people.

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