Haitian makes it to the BIG SCREEN

Monica - June 7 2006, 8:17 AM

Modest and shy, yet still popular RON SELMOUR, who grew up in Haiti, made it to the big screen and should be acknowledged as having memorable performances in movies such as Chronicles of Riddick, Blade 3, and My Boss' Daughter.

For those of you who haven't seen these movies should definitley support your Haitian family and take a quick peek. It's worth your while and will make you proud to see how far one of your own has made it! Look him up on IMDB.com and support him as the rest of the world does!

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Sebastian says...

Is he who plays the character who dies in Chronicles of Riddick when he gets his heart... more »

R Selmour says...

Much much much and much appreciated, from the bottom of my heart. I came upon these... more »

Ron Selmour says...

Good looking out, b. I came across these kind words of yours and i meant to show my... more »