Rumor: Wyclef Is Dead?

There is a rumor going around that Haitian Hip Hop superstar Wyclef Jean is dead. To make it worse, we found a picture of Wyclef Jean laying in a coffin... But is it true?

Wyclef Dead, Wyclef In A Coffin
Wyclef Dead, Wyclef In A Coffin

The rumor about Wyclef Jean's death seems to have started in a message posted on a blog for Haitian President Rene Preval... at least that's how it got to my facebook page...

Is it true?

Is Wyclef really dead?

As you can see in this page, there is photo of rapper Wyclef Jean laying in a coffin!

Are you shocked?

Here is another one...

This is the first sign to me that it was a lie,
if Wyclef Jean was dead, he would not be laying in a coffin this fast.

But where did the rumor and photo of Wyclef in a coffin come from?

It came from Wyclef himself... via Twitter...

Trick or Treat... Happy Halloween...

Remember guys...
yesterday was Halloween and...
Wyclef Jean was enjoying Halloween with his family, friends, and fans...

What? You still don't believe me,

Visit Wyclef Jean's Official Twitter page and see for yourself!

Here is the log from Wyclef Jean's Official Twitter page on Friday October 31, 2009

Wyclef: "Ima do something Crazy Tonight its Holloween so it has to really be spooky #wyclefwarriors"

Wyclef: "Happy Halloween Check out my twit Pic, the streets pronounce me Dead! Fresh from the funeral Home! #wyclefwarriors"

"RT @jazzwriterchick: @wyclef is dead. According to the source himself, he's been pronounced dead. Ha. Happy Halloween to you too!"

Wyclef: "Count Clef check my twit pic, the streets pronounce me dead! #wyclef warriors Happy Halloween!"

Wyclef: "Countclef this pic is in a Real funeral home with Real bodiessssss Happy Halloween!! I want Blood!"

Wyclef: "I'm Riding through New York City in a hearse! Let's Go its Halloween. CountClef"

Wyclef: "Happy Halloween Warriors - Streets Pronounce Me Dead!!!!! The Resurrection of the Dead!!!!"

Wyclef: "My Scary Halloween twitpic for yall!! Happy Halloween From Count Clef. Streets Pronounce Me Dead"

Wyclef: "Halloween Music:::: Streets Pronounce Me Dead:::: Off "Hut to the Projects To The Mansion" in stores November 10th"

Did you Get it?

Trick Or Treat...

Wyclef is not Dead...

It's a Halloween Promotion Stunt... and a danm good one!

It Haiti they call it "Poisson d'Avril"

Wyclef has a song called Streets Pronounce Me Dead, and the album is coming out November 10, what better way to promote it than on Halloween night, in a coffin, on Twitter...

That was a great Halloween Trick, You got me Clef!!!

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Nerline Pierre why u do that u make me scare. don't do that again we love you so much please love and... see more
Reply · November 04 at 2:18 PM
Nadine Guys, don't do that again, that's not a good thing when I saw that's picture I fell like... see more
Reply · November 02 at 5:36 PM
Gogo Oh! reading the title,I was Shock.After looking at the picture i know it wasn't... see more
Reply · November 02 at 2:07 PM
F0416 At been in a coffin no big deal. Most fran Masson been in a coffin for a few minutes. Happy... see more
Reply · November 02 at 9:49 AM
Berthony Oh no Clef don't please ever do that again because that shock me when I see you in the cof
Reply · November 02 at 12:38 AM
Fosh please,don't try this again wyclef, because we,as Haitians love you so much. this would... see more
Reply · November 01 at 5:39 PM
Ronald Brazier Happy halloween Clef!!! Enjoy man. Nap tan album nan!! Montreal ap tan ou tou!! Bon... see more
Reply · November 01 at 4:35 PM
Edgard Hi!, guys that's not good to make people going crasy. say some one else not wyclet... see more
Reply · November 01 at 4:02 PM
Yanick Mh! Gadé yon mod jwèt. Nou ka rété kè moun tou wi. Cleff... see more
Reply · November 01 at 12:40 PM
William Evens Josma No body else but Cleff. Mr. President!!!!!!!!!!!! big up to all my Haitians I love ya... see more
Reply · November 01 at 9:44 AM
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