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The 2 Weapons Of Life

The 2 Weapons Of Life - Plot Summary

This story is based on a young Christian man named Mario Le Gros. He grew up in a neighborhood of Carrefour Haiti.

Mario is the son of a preacher and a humble engineer. He was raised in a household that emphasized on excellent morals.

Mario strongly believed in the words of Big Jah, and left Haiti to come to the U.S.A in 1998 to persist on his career.

"Satan is everywhere but Jesus is powerful"

Mario shows extreme sense of stability & structure for the Lord, until he met a gorgeous young lady named Lisa. She changed his religious style, dress code, and his whole life around.

Hanging around Lisa, Mario developed an unacceptable manner that has no rapport concerning his religious style.

Lisa's ex-boyfriend is a criminal and a big time drug dealer, Carene is one of Lisa's good friends. Carene is a back-stabber.

She went and told Carlo, whom is the ax-boyfriend of Lisa, about Lisa's relationship with a Christian boy. She also identified Mario to Carlo.

Now Carlo is planning to kill Mario due to the information he got from Carene. The God Almighty is so powerful that one might kill one of his people, but the spirit always remains.

Carlo is threatening to kill Mario's family, and is looking for Lisa and Mario. Mario has a good friend Max that is aware of the situation. He decides to support his friend Mario saying: 'We Ride Together, We Die Together'.

Mario has to choose how to protect himself by using one of the two weapons of life, the Bible or a gun. Mario is struggling with morality. Killing is a sin. However, sometimes you have to take an action to kill, before you get killed!

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