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The church is now the World

There you go, to respond to what you just said Mr Lubin you and i both know what the... more »

yo pale anpil de fim sa papa koUMANMAN

moun yo gele renmem fim sa anpil papa. se de li selment yo pale nanwebsite la. demin kou... more »


everyone on belfim is a bunch of di-c-k head.. this movie is not betta than natalie, it... more »


so what that movie is good. stop talking bout it,, no what i mean. yall straight up... more »

stop that bull crap

you guys better stop that bull sh--it same people using different names promoting that... more »

Temptation is oscar worthy

bonjour Samuel. comment allez vous? I am not french, I just know some few words. Now... more »

enough of Ce Lavi

I say I'm sick of "Ce Lavi" can people have a choice of movies? You try to shovel this... more »

top worst and top best haitian movies

I watch almost all of the haitian movies, let me list some good movies and some bad... more »

I'm looking for that movie too

I have been waiting for that movie "Les Couleur de la Dignite" myself, but when I call... more »

who has more tallent vote now

guys let's play a fun game... Who is more beautiful? and who has more tallent? vote! 1... more »

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