I truly, truly hate it when someone refers to a person from an...

Jacques Laine - September 18 2014, 1:29 PM

I truly, truly hate it when someone refers to a person from an African nation as "an African." Africa is the second largest continent in the world, comprised of its recognized international borders and geopolical necessities.

Putting everyone from the continent in one basket and calling them all "Africans", is helping to perpetuate a falacy that has been advanced by the western world for far too long to minimize Africa's importance and contributions.

Hence those of us with the means to reach a large audience must be vigilant to sensitize those whom for hundreds of years have been desensitized by their governments, sadly to their own detriment and against Africa, its people and its contributions.

If the gentleman actor is from Nigeria, let's call him Nigerian.

If he's from Namibia, let's call him Namibian, and so on. I happen to appreciate you very much for what you do, but you are positioned to drive home that distinction.

Thank you very much.

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