Its so sad how so many people dismiss this as just a state of...

Savedsista - November 26 2010, 11:00 AM

its so sad how so many people dismiss this as just a state of mental illness...yet and still there are millions of so called religious people out claiming to believe in a higher power, just like you believe in a higher power you have to believe in evil spirits.

This is a reality.

This man who appeared to be normal and lead a normal life completely went another way or totally out of character and murdered the most precious person in his life, this religous man did this....hello?

something was wrong! he truly believed there was an evil spirit in her....he took the cermonial sword home ...something that he thought would exorcise this demon...Think about it and go read your bibles...Im sorry for his family and friends lost ...but please wake up word and accept Jesus as your lord and savior so that it will not be easy for the enemy to in a rush so i know there are errors in this post, so if that all you can notice and comment about on here ...then u really need jesus...and ps...Michael will be judged on judgement day...Good or Bad

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