Looking for Actors/Actresses for feature filmMom at 14 and Christian

Zagalo Prince - April 27 2010, 6:30 AM

I'm holding auditions for Haitian actors/actresses in North Jersey area, no experience necessary but must know how to act and must be able to read and speak Creole.

This is going to be a great movie in Creole with English subtiled.

If you want to audition for this movie send me an email zagallo112 at aol.com
The story is about a beautiful girl name Jacqueline who is been raped by 2 young boys and then got pregnant at the age of 13. The girl's parents are Christian and do not believe in teenage pregnancy then kicked her out of the house with no place to go or anyone to turn too. As growing up without her parents in her lives, she still trouble by her past even though in her adult life. So will her parents forgive her and will she ever trust anyone in her lives?

1- JACQUELINE DESRIVIERES...28-33 year old is a sweet beautiful woman but always sad because of her past. She hates her parents and cannot trust any men not even her husband and never in love with anyone.

2- Young JACQUELINE DESRIVIERES..12-15 year old, must look 13 or 14 beautiful girl and smart cares for her family but they don't give a damn about her (must be able to speak and read Creole)
3- BERTIN JEAN-FRANCOIS aka ANGELO*** 28-33 year old looks like an innocent but is a psycho and a very dangerous person.

4- Young BERTIN, 12-15 look 13 changes his identities his name to ANGELO as he gets older after the crime he committed.

He is a delinquent kid always looking for trouble.

(must be able to speak and read Creole)
5- ROGER 12-15 also look 13 is BERTIN's friend a good kid hanging out with a bad kid, he wants to show his friend that he can be tough.

(must be able to speak and read Creole)
6- PETERSON THELUSMA*** 28-33 is a nice guy carrying but always look suspicious.

7- MRS ELIPHENE 30 and up JACQUELINE'S mother must look older later on is a Christian woman cares more for her Christian fellows than her families and worries about what they would think of her.
8- MR. ELIPHENE 30 and up must look older later on is a very careless person and cannot take any decisions in the house.

9- MRS BRUTUS 30 and up must look older later on is MRS ELIPHENE'S sister is also a Christian woman seeking for love from her husband, always feeling lonely.

10- MR. BRUTUS 30 and up must look older later on knows that his wife is looking for affection but thinks that it's not important at their age.
11- KERLINE 17-20 year old JACQUELINE'S daughter is a beautiful girl very confused not knowing her father and family members except her mother.

12- EDNER CLERMONT 25-35 year old is PETERSON'S best friend very clever and nice with everyone.

13- MAX*** 25-35 year old loves to take advantage on little innocents especially little girls
14- VICTORIA 25-33 is JACQUELINE'S best friend is very honest and very helpful to her friends.

15- HENRY any age but would be better to be in the 30's or 40's is a person messing with other men's wife and can act like a pastor.

16- PE ANDRE 40 and up is BERTIN/ANGELO'S father is a sweet father turned to be scary looking, taking his son's burden.

17- JULIE*** 23-33 is PETERSON'S ex girlfriend (just in 1 scene)
18- DOCTOR 30 and up
19- FLEURISMOND CLERVIL*** is a news reporter
20- 2 thugs any ages must look like a thug
21- 4 POLICE OFFICERS any ages 2 of them no speaking role but the other 2 must speak English with no accent, absolutely no accent

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