Xtreme Blue, Behind The Scenes

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Jaques Nicholson says...

i think she's verry beautiful and talented..she sing,she;s a good dancer,and she's... more »

Greg says...

look at her eyes,kendia we gonna be patient and i cant wait to see xtreme blue,she's... more »

Mardoch Ee Thal S says...

J' attends impatiemment ce film au cinA¬©ma comme d' habitude je serai l' un des... more »

Mizzlie Alcindor says...

Mezanmi,nou chaje probleme nan indistri ya,paske genyen trop moun ki gen folie... more »

Jules says...

Dear Mizzlie Alcindor: Nou tre etone de komante ou a. Pou'n komanse, ou pa menm konnen... more »