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Titles: The Guilt

Watch the movie trailer of Haitian movie THE GUILT, a new film produced and directed by Jean R. Galumette

a hot shot Miami lawyer decides to stray from his wife life itself takes revenge and lays down the law....

The Guilt Trailer Hatian Film

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Alan Miller says...

Dear Sir/Madam
I am seeking about 12 hours/films of Haitian Programs for a cable Station in New York City

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Chantal says...

I cant wait to see this movie let me know when it's going on dvd
somebody told me a little about it, it sound very informative
congratulation to the producer

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Marie says...

mwen tande film ap vin nan dvd an nov 2008 eske se vre paske mwen tale nan grande premiere and i got to say that i enjoy every bit of it.

please let me

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Nancy says...

Yes i agree with you, i was there myself and i really enjoy the movie.

i think it's one of the best haitian movie for th year 2007, i encourage everybody to see it because you will learn a great lesson from that movie.

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Gerald J. Henri says...

The Guilt is an amazing haitian movie that can make you cry, laugh and think.It's based on every day life that is why i encourage everybody who did not go to the grande premiere to come out next time, because it's worth it.You'll be surprise that, you're actually watching a hollywood image on behalf of Jean Michel Gallumette, Producer.

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