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Titles: The Killer

After coming home from the war Reginald must choose between a life of financial burden. After accepting a job from one of the most powerful mob boss, Reginald quickly finds himself back in action.

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Chico says...

hi, my name is robert chico please leave me a

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Robert Chico says...

hi, my name is robert chico plaese leave me a

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Creol says...

good job cameus i like the trailer48rs mission

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Gilbert says...

This looks good..

when is it coming

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Cameus Chicoye says...

I would like to think all of you for your support.

I would also like to think Belfim for giving us a voice.

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Diana says...

I am Haiti in cyber cafe i show movie to my fiends.

everybody in cyber cafe like it

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Haitian Girl says...

I say yes to this movie.

High quality film. Clear picture, excellent actors, this is definitely one of the best trailers so

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Veteranmiami says...

Hello Cameus I was told by our friend The Killer is in production.

I had to come to belfim to see for my self. You promise to give me a role keep your promise, by the way very good i did not know you had like that LOL good

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Dane says...

this trailer is very nice good

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Archibal says...

I have to egree with Jack Gin progre oui kap fet in the Haitian cinema.

We have come a long ways and still have a lomg ways to go, but it pleasures me to see that progress is been made. This trailler looks nice hope that the final movie delivers.

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