Demo Reel Tetchena Bellange

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Watch the Demo Reel Tetchena Bellange video, Demo reel of actress Tetchena Bellange D mo de la com dienne Tetchena Bellange

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Haitian Girl says...

The only two words Haitian people know are: "you're jealous" "you're a hater" I have been reading comments made by Haitians, if I add a nickel for every jealous and haters words I read on belfim, I'll be Oprah.

Who has the time to be jealous of Mora Etienne?

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Geralda Laguerre says...

I can't understand when someone lie about telling the truth, for all those jealous people who tried and trying so many times to discourage mora Etienne as actor i think you are a bunch of blinds and jealous people because in choc terrible i don't think you understand how difficult was his character, specially in the business meeting after the ghost drop the thing in his drink, that part is so funny in so emotional, please instead to put him down like you are doing it, even you are jealous but give him respect, before you criticize you should know what acting is about .Thank you and god will bless you

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Miamizin says...

Almost 87% of the times a good actor equal a good Director what happened in the movie choc terrible that girl didn't really have a good director who can push her beyond the limit and get the perfect acting

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Haitian Girl says...

Amen alleluia sister.

Formidable! I didn't know you speak French so well. Your acting is better than ever...

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