Pisans Bondye Movie Trailer

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Watch the movie trailer of new Movie Pisans Bondye, a new film by Avenitha and Luphete Valcourt

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Thony S Jean-baptiste says...

It's time make all haitien understand we our good, it's time also for all haitien channel to make us watch haitien movie, this movie Pisans Bondye is good, I was an haiti for vacation, I nerver seen haitien movie in haitien Tele vision I was so mad, I can't do nothing about it, but that's sad, like Telemax, Tele national D'haiti, channel 4 many of them pass french movie, we not in france, we not in united stat, this is haiti, we have right to watch haitien movies, haitien movies is good, those movies is like holywood movie, this is a shame for haitien Tele vision, this is a shame, what a

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Claudia says...

you guys are awesome;; i watched this movie 9 times!
you guys are wonderful actors and

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Keith says...

i saw this movie is very good i can say i lean a lot form it very good job guy may the lord be with all of you one more time good

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Boul Lajoir says...

movie sa pa mal non, yè swa m tap gadel, keep up

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Vincent Jn Philippe says...

keeep up guys, it was a good trailer and

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Ismael says...

i have seen it, i like it you might like it

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Jean says...

Did this movie ever come out?

someone told me it's on DVD but I have not seen

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Eddie says...

sifrael papa m' we wap fe bagay yo papa, antouka jesifra sipoze proud of you, ki sa ou gen next, si ou jwen'n chans lan wa ekri'm back.
your # 1 fan

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Beautiful says...

mwen renmen movie sa, sujet a tres bel, guys kinbe la et mwen espere nou kontinye ap devlope sujet sa.

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Gren Nplen says...

m'pa sifrael kredi a paske sa pi bon ke premye a, pa gade deyer men'm ti blada, try pou pi klere next

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