Natalie Movie Premiere Trailer

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Haitian movie Natalie is playing at the north Miami Performing Arts Theater on September 23rd, 2007 here is the grande premiere trailer

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Elmita says...

ou fe moviw la bel se premier moun ki mouter yon film konsa so kontinier mem

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Fanfan says...

holy sh*t mother funculo what a movie.

that movie scares the hell out of me. i have ever seen a movie like this one before.

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Shorty says...

This has been the best haitian movie I ever seen. I give everybody credit they did a wonderful

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Maggy says...

BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOperfect correction
this trailer is better than the other first one you guys had posted

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Joel says...

I was at the premiere iam think this movie is the best haitian movie have ever seen. great suspense althought it's 2:30mn u don't feel that at all. And iam wainting for natalie part

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Lemanz says...

Amazing trailer, that's what it is...and it seems to be an excellent movie, can't wait to see it.


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Joel says...

This is so far the best haitian trailer i've ever seen, I really like the idea and the suspense great Job Mr Vincent will see at Natalie's

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