L'Amour Et L'Amitie Movie Trailer

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Watch The Movie Trailer For L'amour Et L'Amitie, A Film By Tutu Demostene Starring Marc Delerme

Tags: love and friendship, joan demosthene tutu, gamall augustin, marc anthony delerme, sheila mocombe, hudson accius, natacha simeon, Movie Trailers & Previews

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Derly Jean Baptiste says...

woodring, can you make a phone to the director of l'amour et l'amitie to verify if it's true part 2 is in production at this momemt?

I would love to know if it's true because thats one of my favorite haitian movie..

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Elmond says...

se jan de fim sa yo wi ki pou bay indistry an yon bourad.

mwen pakapab tan non madanm mwen te renmem ti fim saa anpil, numero 2 a lap fes anpil sans ebyen nap

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Carline says...

wow lamour et lamitie 2 ho my god i cant wait, i've been waiting for this for ever
thank you tutu i love you for that. i cant

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Nancy says...

i can't wait to see part of this movie.

I really enjoyed the first

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Hansel27 says...

This is a great movie but i think there wasn't enough promotion for

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Jd says...

Has anyone seen this movie, It's really good, I don't see anyome commenting on the trailer.

Go buy it, I've seen it at lease 6 times.

It's funny, young Haitian americans will love

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