Remo 3 Movie Trailer

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Titles: Remo 3

Watch the Remo 3 Movie Trailer video, a Smith Cassamajor film Directed by Charmy M in association with Sexy Love Productions and 2B Film

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Bad Acting says...

stop with that smith cassamajora acting like Pe george.

Pe George is not going to be in the movie so cassamajor acts like pe george in the hospital.

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Kritik Cinema says...

bon sak gen la a menm Nan zafè Remo sa a. Briy kouri ke pè georges pa la dan n. Smith mwen wè ou soti pou fè grimas nan figi moun. Tonen boulem si se ou ki jwé rol pè georges la epi wal fè Makak movie ap poté non remo a tout

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Auguste Jean Guerold says...

se sel movie Haitain m toujou renmen gade ak temtation gen toujou men se moun sa yo ki ap fe movie lot yo se

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Movie Critic says...

Trailer suck big time..

why bring all these new characters in remo3, when they had nothing to do with 1&2...

You guys think making a good movie is about picture quality with a horrible?

well think

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