Mwen Inosan Movie Trailer

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Titles: Mwen Inosan

Here is the movie trailer for Haitian movie Mwen Inosan, a new film by Haitian producer Godnel Latus AKA Baby Love

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Jean Max says...

where can I get the second movie of

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Bare Yo says...

I wasted all my time watching this movie crap and I never get it.
Le-w tande y'ap fe vye promosyon konsa-a wa panse se-on bagay serye.

Veye-yo. BonDye fe pep-la konnen nou tou. BRI

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Tina says...

i watch this movie alot and i never get tired of

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James says...

I agree with you. Most of them are wack but they have some good ones out there.

I heard Puie D'espoir was pretty good. I never got to see it though.

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Kitty Cat says...


that's a bad movie.

What is this about?

My goodness; the actors are horrible.

Pure trash! The actors have no idea what they are doing...

honestly, who wants to see that...


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Fanatic says...

I heard part 2 of this movie came out on dvd, woodring can u put the trailer on belfim please so i can i have an idea before i go and buy

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Neg-belair says...

I think Haitian movies are the worst, they are plain out terrible, they have no foundation, no base, the actors don't know what the hek they are doing.

Please go to acting school before you can start calling your self an actor.

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Yves Jean Baptiste says...

message sa map voye-l pou ignorant, analphabet yo bay pou babylove la le li gen jan de kaka sa yo pou kinbe yo lakay li ak madanm pitit li pou-li gade paske jan de bagay san sans sa yo lap rele movie pa ale sou moun. se paske mwen poko ka jwenn misye ki fe mwen pa fe-l remet mwen kob mwen deja. nenpot le mwen jwenn ak neg sa non selman lap kale-m kob mwen map krache nan figi-l.misye tro

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Josiane says...

hi girl wassup i like y movie because that movie is

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