After Death

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after death, a Garnel Ambroise poem.
Garnel production

Tags: Garnel Ambroise, Haitian Short Films

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Blanchard says...

yeah i believe there is a life after death, if you dont believe what happen you die?

whether you believe or not if you smart get ready by reading the bible because the spirit that live into our sin body is immortal.God is good and

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Dorlymike says...

Very interesting.Let's keep in

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Garnel says...

Thanx but don't worry i'll give you what you want in the haitian industry im currently working hard for yall.ret brancher
two new movies coming out

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G9conceptla says...

Ok, since it's your first start I wont be hard on you. Overall, you did a good job. In reality I think you should do more writtings youre not that bad at it. As far as acting, you need more practice but with dedication youll get there.


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Latoya says...

any body that wants to know what come after death, die and you will find

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Cathia Degand says...

love it, I appreciate your effort.

with young ones like you, our tomorrow is definetly shining.

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Rodner says...

nice poem, nice camera angle, good acting, nice effects which what we want in the haitian industry, so keep up the good work guys, and upload some

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G9conceptla says...

Yow not bad for a start.

You have potential, you really do. But your poem and the scenario look more like a movie.

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Francois says...

Garnel, pa okipe djol kaka sa ki deye decouragew la, i know who he is even tough he put a fake name, tell him to bring something better stop

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Tasha says...

Really man stop embarassing yourself Like that. JUST

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