Spouse Abuse Movie Clip

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Watch the movie clip of Spouse Abuse, a new movie by Marc Anthony Delerme. Spouse Abuse, it might get you cut

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Clean Pussy says...


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G9conceptla says...

There is nothing wrong with this movie.

It's a reality now a days, especially in our Haitian population.

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James says...

when it's a Denzel movie ...

good or bad u still watch it why?

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Kaliboforo says...

Me se pa paske li nwi ou non men se paske lot nasyon kap fe senaryo yo chaje yon paket bann bel sije yap paret tankou moun afriken yo pa egzanp, epi pou nou we se pa kapab nou pa kapab menm jan Fanm lakay di: moun kap ekri nou yo pa vle pran tan pou yo reflechi yo selman ap kopye.

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Me says...

Sex sells, what do you want to see. it cost less to have a scene in a bedroom than to blow things up.

Bouzinaj, li pa nui-m

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Fanm Lakay says...

Kaliboro Now that i'm thinking about it thats very true, all of our story someone have to be cheating, I know we have plenty of good stories out there in our community we just too busy copying others work than stay in our culture, but this movie spouse abuse is something that is going on in our community and people needs to know so this movie is an exception, i like the trailler and i hope its a good movie, and i wish them the best and good luck and success, anyway i can't wait for

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Kaliboforo says...

se yon sel sije ayisyen genyen pou ekri mouvi?


m fatige ak gade bagay sa yo nan tout mouvi

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Pablo says...

Some of you guys are taking the theme of the movie to serious, remember it is only a movie, I applaud Marc for making this movie because we as Haitian live or grew up with a tight barrier around us, mean in translation "to tight", everything we do must have a consequence, it is time to break the cycle and get or expose the point.

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Truth Sayer says...

I don't think it is enough for these young Haitain movie makers to limit themselves to a feakin market that cannot support it's own products.

I would do what the others do. make a money in english then have a creole version.

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Jezzy says...

yeah, why is this movie in english?

Here's a good advice, please have it in creole too for those haitians who don't speak english.

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