Rage Movie Trailer

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Watch the teaser trailer of Haitian omvie Rage, Teaser of Last Movie of Carlo St Elot Actors: Benita Jacques, Peterson Mead alias Makoklen, Nerla Riviere, Robenson Seide, Robeson Lahens.
Story of Racism, Revenge, & Love

Tags: Benita Jacques, Peterson Mead, Nerla Riviere, Robenson Seide, Robeson Lahens, Movie Trailers & Previews

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Colin says...

carlo rinmin fe movie violance

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Magdala says...

Good jod carlo in the movie the 2 weapons of life but the next time give a easy mama for your movies, i do love it. i can't wait for the other

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Ricot says...

sa samble bon wi haitien rinmim fè movie

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