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Watch the movie trailer of Ghosts Of Cite Soleil, a documentary about Haitian gang leaders who strive to make better choices in a world with no choices at all.

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G9conceptla says...

Why they always choose the worste image to put in the face of everyone to show Haiti?

And most Haitians wonder why they can't get respect from other races?

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Smith Georges says...

Whatever his motive is, Wyclef should be commanded for the work that he is doing in Haiti and overseas on behalf of all Haitians and people of Haitian descent.

Wyclef Jean is the founder of Yéle Haiti.

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Daspotshow says...

I hope that there is a good lesson in the movie.

Now a days every one tries only to potraits the bad stuff thats going on in haiti..

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Darryl says...

i cant wait to see that movie that is some gangster stuff i like that trailer my people dont

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