MechanDou Movie Trailer

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Titles: Mechandou

Watch the MechanDou Movie Trailer video, The 1 HAITIAN action movie is in MIAMI On Sunday JULY 25 - 2010 ADM 10 ADV. Little HAITI Cultural Center 260 NE 59 Terr. Deye Mache AYISYEN-an 6pm-8pm and 8pm-10pm

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Mr Xmen says...

Nou mande pou pepsines-yo lage fim yo sou DVD le yo finn pase-l nan premye okazyon-an.
Fim sa-a ta sipoze sou DVD deja el ta dwe prandial plizye prim nan tout sa yap

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Saintil Alexandre says...

I watch the Mechan Dou movie trailer 4 times and I still want to watch it again.

Well done! I hope the movie is the same. Good

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Alfonse Charles says...

The action look so real; two tumbs up guys, very good job because I see

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Jessica Lamonte says...

OMG I can't believe it, That is a great movie.

Is this guy from Hollywood?

I like that trailer.

How come this movie is not on DVD?

I need some info

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Patrick Senecte says...

Very good. All in one

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Gus says...

Obviously you haven't seen the movie because for you to make this comment it shows that you are probably guess is that maybe you are an actor or a movie producer that is intimidated by the vision and talent that Mr. Calixte has conveyed in his movie.

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Jean Pierre says...

What make you think that this movie will be an embarrassment?

Is it the part where the guy got hit by the truck or the shooting don't look real, or maybe you are just jealous.

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Jean says...

This looks like garbage that was filmed on a piece of crap camera.

What a waste of time it would be to watch this and such an embarrassment to the Hatian film

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Lilly says...

You should Call a

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Ernst Pierre says...

hi woodring st preux my name is ernst pierre i live in st martin ( st martin is a french island) not so long i left Orlando in came back to st martin cause i live here most of my live here from age of 3 years now I'm 33 years old can u please help me get an information about someone that i can talk to about a movie that i wrote it is very interesting can you give any producer of Haitian movie my number so they can call me or email ernst_pierre_303 at 00590690774876 j'ai écris ce film en français j'ai pris 5 année pour l'écrire au complet avec les idées qui me venais dans la tête i'll wait forward for your answer thank

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