Le Peche et Le Pardon Teaser Trailer 2

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Watch the Le Peche Et Le Pardon Movie Trailer, grand. Saturday August 15, 2009 @ 7PM will take place the Grand Premiere of Carline Verrier's movie "Le Péché et le Parfon". Cinema 6 at California theaters. Robert and Rosemarie, a Christian couple in Haiti, are living a tragic moment of their lives with a very sick son, Theo, in bad need of a surgery in the United States of America.

To get the visa to travel, Rosemarie must get a divorce in Haiti, so that she can marry another man in Miami for residency.

Upon arrival, her husband's cousin, Josette, sets her up with Fred for a business marriage.

Unknown to Rosemarie, Fred is a drug dealer.

His mix-up with Johny, the gang's boss, will turn Robert's and Rosemarie's journey for a better life for their son into a nightmare.

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Gessica says...

Whoever you are you got some issue, you need help...

how do you know it's a love story, what's make you think it's a love story, you got game dude. You can even make the difference.

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Movie Fan says...

stop it. they gave you the job get over yourself stop pumping yourself up. no one is paying attention to this but you. beside you had to be a air head to change the color of this trailer from the previous one it's a love story.

where do you go off giving it a warm color that looks like a war or an action movie as oppose to what the story really about.

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Beatrice says...

Finally, Carline get back to her senses, she finally realize the first trailer did not tell anything about the movie.

It was wrack, That's better.

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Naomie says...

Now I understand what the movie is all about, this trailer make sense he let u with something to think about, I am glad you guy did this one. kounye-a mwen kab ale we movie sa paske li vle di-m yon bagay keep it up Carline map vinn

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